Jun 12, 2014

Drugs Containing Allergens CPS/PDR

Looking for information on drugs, if they contain your allergen(s)of concern can be more complex than many think. One tool used to determain what allergens are in a drug is the Physician's Drug Reference in United States (PDR) and Compendium Pharmceudicals and Soccialties (CPS) in Canada. Both Canadian and American pharmasists and doctors usually have accesses to these directories of FDA or Health Canada approved drugs, they do not include all over the counter medications, like those often found at health food stores. In the past I have relied on pharmasists to look up a drug and see if it has allergens of concern. This week I discovered that my city libary had both the PDR (year 2011) and CPS (year 2014). These books are only one tool, contacting manufactuer talking to doctors, pharmasist and sometimes allergists may be nessisary to determain if a drug is right for you.

As a sample, I looked into egg in Rabies Vaccines.

Canada Compendium Pharmceudicals and Soccialties (CPS) 2014
Drug information only available to subscribers www.e-cps.ca

Has a section of Non medical ingredients such as alcohol, gluten lactose, peanut oil, soybean and soy lecithin in medications, even information on dyes used to imprint names on capsules. In my opinion this section under represents reactions from milk protein in lactose in medications. It does mention inhalers containing lactose, and maternal breast creams containing peanut oil. It does not include corn being a ingredient in drugs. The CPS did not always say inhalers contained milk link.

Rabavert (Rabies Vaccine) no clear guidelines for egg allergic, but clearly states how eggs are used to make the vaccine. No recommendations regarding Epinephrine.

Imovax (Rabies Vaccine) lists purified chick embryo culture, also suggests possible danger for egg allergic.

United States Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) 2011
Partial drug information available on line www.pdr.net more information available to subscribers on line.

Does not have a section on non medical ingedience.

Rabavert no clear guidelines for egg allergic, but clearly states how eggs are used to make the vaccine. Recommends Epinephrine injection must be immediately available should allergic reactions occur.

Both PDR and CPS

Suggest carefully weighing risks of rabies vaccines for allergic reactions for egg allergic (and other allergens) with the possibility of contracting rabies from a bite or scratch with a possibly infected animal. Both suggest booster shots before exposure for people at risk such as those who work with wild animals.

Compairing a 2011 edition book with a 2014 edition book, is not fair, but this is what was availible at my city libary. Not all city libaries have these books. Your pharmacist and doctor should have up to date copies.
USA Vaccines, Canadian Vaccines

The CPS has a section near the front of the book on allergies in medications, covering such topics as egg, peanut oil and lactose in medications, the American PDR does not have a section on his issue.

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It is up to you to decide what is safe. More Information:
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