Dec 16, 2014

Walnut Shell Craft Projects

Crafty people often use walnut shells in their craft projects. Here are some crafty bloggers and website writers who use walnut shells, in their craft projects. Some of these projects are promoted as fun activities to do with children!

Trow Bridge (scroll down for how he creates the look of rock under his trowbridge in his railway)
Woodland Scenics ballast as most are aware in actually ground walnut shell. When glueing it down, many have problems with the ballast floating. The trick is a good wetting agent prior to the glue, and lots of it. Find a spray bottle that puts out a fine mist. I use an old hairspray bottle that creates a very fine mist.

Model Railroading Tips, Tricks & Techniques (scroll down)
Rock To color rock try mixing walnut stain and brown, water base, paint. They don't mix well...that is what you want. Take an OLD paint brush and scoop some of the "mixture" onto your rock face. Spread and dab at will. You will get some outstanding shading effects. This will however take quite awhile to dry and be sure to have good ventilation. -Dave Costantino

handmade Pin Cushion With Walnut Shells
Fill the inside of the pin cushion with crushed walnut shells as full as you an fill it. Fun fact! Crushed walnut shells will sharpen your needles (supposedly) as you use your pincushion.

Under The Sea Pincushion
Ruth also wanted her pincushion filled with crushed walnut shells. Hmm, where to get that? Apparently some people use them as a cage liner for birds. So off to the pet store where I found a BIG bag of it. At that rate I'm going to need to make another 20 small pincushions to finish it off.

Pincushions to swap
You may be wondering what to fill your pincushion with when it's finished. Some of the patterns call for stuffing or fiberfill. If you choose to use this, you will want to fill your pincushion up very tightly to give it some substance and weight. I personally prefer to fill mine up with crushed walnut shells. These make for a nice sturdy pincushion. Also, the walnut shells help to sharpen up your pins when you use your pincushion.

Walnut Shell Boats
In my last post I mentioned that the twins and I have been playing and creating with a bag of seasonal mixed nuts. I never imagined we’d have so much fun exploring all the different tastes, colors, and textures! I have to admit, the chief reason I was so excited about our nutty discovery is that I’ve been yearning to try a classic craft with the twins- making walnut shell boats.

Crafs Using Walnut Shells
Nut shells can be used in crafts to make a variety of holiday ornaments and other decorations. This is a guide about crafts using walnut shells.

Crafing with Kids Walnut Shell Animals
Kids will go nuts over these pocket-sized animals made with walnut shells. Display all four animals in shadow boxes for a cute look.

Kids For Crafts
This walnut mouse ends up being almost the same size as a real mouse. We've made ours very whimsical and cute, but if you make it more realistic maybe you can even cause a scare for your family or friends!

Walnuts Used To Create Beautiful Craft Projects
Since 1999, he has been turning 1/4-in. thick slices of walnut shells into whimsical wishing wells, covered bridges, clocks, crosses, candlesticks and napkin and pencil holders. He’s also built barns, outhouses and, most impressive of all, trains.

Adorable Reindeer Crafs For Kids
Go nutty with this easy craft that even the smallest kiddos can help make. All you need is a handful of walnuts in the shell, googly eyes, red and brown buttons, black chenille stems, circular craft magnets and a hot glue gun.

Christmas Ornament Walnut Shell
Make some inexpensive Christmas ornaments with fun recycling crafts. Our walnut shell Christmas ornament recycles both empty walnut shells and the tops from broken glass ornaments.

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