May 14, 2012

Clothes Made From Coconuts

Flip Flops
Paper Flip Flops "These Flip Flops are made of recycled and up-cycled newspapers. It takes approximately 1kg of old newspapers to produce a pair of PaperFlops Flip Flops. Other materials for the PaperFlop Flip Flops include root from old palm trees, coconut shells, and 100% natural rubber. The PaperFlop Flip Flops are quite durable and water proof since they are protected with a natural rubber sealant.

"This is the best material we have found so far to create the stylish look that Earthy Soles shoes possess whilst avoiding the use of leather and a material that was recyclable. Coconut Shell Buttons: ONLY coconut buttons are used for our shoes and not plastic and wood. Coconut shell buttons are made from unwanted coconut shells after the use of the coconut meat."

ECO Shoes for Woman
"These shoes have soles made from recycled materials and coconut shell buttons. With frayed edges, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear. Available in three different colors.

Piggy Pajamas
"Each pair of Piggy Pajamas are made with care and attention to detail (down to the buttons made of coconut shell!). Sized for a roomy cut, your comfort is our first priority. Our pajamas breathe, stretch, and move with you, so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep or some relaxing lounging without any bunching, grabbing, or binding!"

Shirt With Coconut Buttons
Aloha Shirt
"Traditionally, Aloha shirt buttons were made with shell, wood or coconut shell. We chose the most environmentally friendly and sustainable, coconut shell for our shirts. In addition to being ‘Aloha’ tropical in look and feel, coconut buttons are extremely durable and of course a lot of buttons can be produced from just a single, annually harvestable coconut."

Coconut Buttons
Coconut Buttons
"Light, strong, and rustic. Chun Fai produces coconut buttons that are naturally charming and beautiful. Coconut Buttons can be laser cut or engrave to add more uniqueness to your design."

Coconut Socks
Motorcycle Socks
"These 'new and improved' Generation 3 knee-high motorcycle socks—utilizing "advanced natural technology"—offer optimum comfort, odor control, durability, anti-microbial, moisture management and eco-friendliness!

Activated coconut carbon—infused in yarns made from natural coconut fibers—provides remarkable evaporative characteristics and odor management.

Cycle Wear
"Cycling Clothing Made from Trash Sounds crazy, but at Atayne, that's what we do. We take materials that are destined for a landfill (plastic bottles, old clothing, fabric scraps, coconut shells, and crab shells) and work with our partners to turn them into high quality and high performing cycling clothing and jerseys."

"Cocona, Inc. has developed a technology that incorporates natural ingredients into polymers. By using activated carbon made from coconut shells, Cocona® fabric utilizes natural technology™ that outperforms other fabrics and yarns. Cocona® fibers and yarns can be used in a wide range of knit and woven fabrics as well as non-wovens that provide effective evaporative cooling, odor adsorption and UV protection."

66 North
"Recently, 66°NORTH started selling clothes made from a fabric named CoconaTM. The fabric is made from the activated carbon of recycled coconut shells. The carbon from the coconut shell is woven into the fibre which increases the performance of the fabric. CoconaTM is environmentally friendly and the coconut carbon replenishes itself when washed. The fabric was given the prestigious Invention of the Year Award in 2005 by Time Magazine."

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