May 18, 2012

Allergens at the Pool, Lake or Beach

Swim Wear
Surfs Well Swim Wear "Surfswell is proud to be the first swimwear brand to use ChitoSante in our bikinis. ChitoSante is a new environmentally friendly treatment that is made from a natural biomass called Chitosan, which is made from crab and/or shrimp shells.

Glasses and Goggles

Erik de Laurens
created a surprising material made of 100% fish scales.

Stain Canoe Paddles
Gunwale Guard Stained (scoll down)
"Gunwale Guard is the best way to protect your wood canoe gunwales and decks. It's a deep penetrating finish that binds to the wood structure and prevents rot, UV deterioration, and retards mildew. Applied periodically, Gunwale Guard will keep your gunwales looking showroom new or better. Gunwale Guard with walnut stain added."

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"Bell Contoured Web Canoe Seat - 32 inch 32" x 9¾" overall. Can be cut to upgrade your existing seat. Comfortable and attractive contoured canoe seat. Lowers center of gravity for more stability. Made of solid Ash with a Light walnut oil stain. UV-resistant. Black nylon web seat portion for maximum durability."

Canoe Paddles
Angles Stick
"The Anglesey Stick is finished with Tung nut oil, which is water-resistant and provides a good grip even when wet."

ECOCLEAR Breathable Waders For Men
Around the world, fish-bearing streams are being compromised by invasive species introduced into new environments via boots and waders. That’s why we created ECO-CLEAR™ soles. Their unique construction—crushed walnut shells and a dynamic rubber compound—helps keep unwanted organisms from latching onto your gear, so you can fish any stream with an ECO-CLEAR conscience!

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