Jul 7, 2012

Mats and Carpets Made from Allergens

Welcome Mat (walnut shells)
Huffco Nutshell Entrance Mat
"•Mat made of Crumb rubber fromtires recycled in the USA(Diverts tire from land fills)
•Safe non-skid surface made of100% walnut shells recycled inthe USA"

Carpet (corn)
Corn Carpet
"Carpeting made from corn uses a revolutionary new fiber based on a breakthrough technology that allows man-made fibers to be derived from corn a 100% annually renewable resource."

Banana Fibre Rugs (banana)
"The banana plants that are used in the production of Delinear rugs are grown in the southern most region of Nepal near the border of India. The fiber comes from the banana tree trunk. The tree is harvested and cut into small sections so that it can undergo a softening process. The raw material is then processed by machine to extract the fibrous material. Once the raw fibers are separated, they are bleached to give a more uniform color. Upon completion of this process, they are dried and packed into bales for shipment to the Kathmandu valley, where they are dyed and spun into yarns for rug weaving."

Banana Carpet (banana, soy and other allergens)
"Hand Woven from Wool, Silk, Hemp, Banana, Cactus, Linen or any combination you desire!"

"Little did we know that the same plant that produces the low hanging fruit would be a source of strong fibers used in everything from clothing to, yes, rugs. The fibers, produced similarly to rayon, come from the stems and leaves of the plant and are combed and spun into a high quality fiber that creates the silky and sleek fabric that you will find in some of our hand-knotted rugs!"

Coconut Mat (coconut)
Celtic Sea Rubber Coir Mat
"This cocomat is made natural coconut fiber!"

Carpet (coconut)
Coir Carpet
"Coir Carpet is made from Coconut husks. The fibres are extremely strong and make a tough slightly rough carpet that is extremely hardwearing. Not suitable for kitchen and bathroom."

Yoga Mat (coconut)
Coconut Fibre Yoga Mat
"Why "eQua Plus?" The eQua Plus Mat Towel puts an entirely new spin on traditional multi-purpose towels. It's made with COCONA® natural fibers extracted from recycled coconut shells.

Cocona technology utilizes recycled coconut shells that would have otherwise gone to landfills. Through a patented process, the coconut shells are converted into activated carbon particles which are then infused into the microfiber for optimal moisture and odor management.

Coconut Rug (coconut)
T Design
"Limited Edition rugs, hand-woven in the most valuable coconut fibre. A careful study of colour and its performance. The contrast of intensely evocative and rough surfaces. The particular design of these rugs make them suitable for uses removed from classical rug usage. The can become, for example, modern tapestries or headboards."

COCO Mats (coconut)
"Cocomatsnmore is proud to present over 200 designs of coco mats to suit every taste and need. These coco mats are not only beautiful but are very functional as well. They are made from coco fibre from the outer husks of coconut which makes it a natural and environmentally friendly doormat."

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