Mar 9, 2015

Rope and Twine Made From Coconuts

Coconut Rope Coconut Fibre Rope
3- and 4-laid rope made from coconut fiber, which is a floating natural fiber.
Area of use
Fender ropes
Maritime handicraft

Coco Twine
Coco twine is made from coco fibers. Traditionally, it is painstakingly woven by hand. It has a number of applications, namely for hop industry, marine cordage and netting, high tensile erosion control, scaffolding and tube well filtration.

Coir Rope
Coir Rope
Formed from the outer shell of the coconut grown in India, Portugal and Brazil. Many uses have been found for this traditional product from coir matting it's very light and can float but it isn't very strong.

Seagrass Cord
Similarly STRAW CORDS made with natural material such as golden rye-wheat straw, wild ginger root straw, maize straw, coconut or palm fibre (coir), and twine are available.

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