Jan 20, 2015

Clothing Made From Nuts

Lytess New Mom Anti-Cellulite Post-Partum Lift Up Bra
(w/Almond Oil Infused Fabric)
•Copaiba: Powerful firming tonic.
•Elemi Resin: Toning and moisturizing.
•Sweet almond oil infused fabric softens skin.
Fabric: 70% Polyamide, 20% Polypropylene, 10% Elastane. Guaranteed for 30 washes.

Black Wallnut Tees
Black Wallnut Tees
"All shirts are hand dyed using our own natural black walnut dye so that each shirt is unique. They are either solid or have a natural tie-dyed effect from placement in our dye pot. All Tees are 100% cotton.

Peanut Fibre Clothing
Ardril The Forgotten Fabric (article)
Peanuts are not only a food, a source of oil (and a possible replacement for diesel fuel) ... did you know that you can also "wear" them?

In 1937, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) patented a technique to make a synthetic fibre from peanuts called Ardil which could be woven like wool.

ECOCLEAR Breathable Waders For Men
Around the world, fish-bearing streams are being compromised by invasive species introduced into new environments via boots and waders. That’s why we created ECO-CLEAR™

soles. Their unique construction—crushed walnut shells and a dynamic rubber compound—helps keep unwanted organisms from latching onto your gear, so you can fish any

stream with an ECO-CLEAR conscience!

Bloggers Who Make Their Own Clothing Using Walnut Dye
Dying With Black Walnuts
Black Walnut Dye
Walnut Dye Results
Aran Sweater Dyed With Black Walnuts
Sunday Sweater

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