Mar 22, 2012

Things Made From Pecans

Pecan Day March 25th
National Pecan Day April 14th

Fire Logs
Pecan Fire Logs
"Mr Perea is the founder of Perea Farms, a company which offers a firelog made up of recycled pecan by-products and recycled newspapers. The pecan shell firelogs are 99% recycled material. The use of pecan shells offers a replenishable by-product source which saves trees."

Pecan Shells for BBQ
The Pailface - Texas Pecan Nutshells
"Generate the most popular barbeque smoke flavor in America, all from the convenience of a renewable source: pecan nutshells! We spare our nations precious hardwood forests by simply collecting their nut shells."

Pecan Shells for BBQs
Pecan Products (scoll down)
Pecan Wood Grilling and Cooking Disks
Pecan Wood Cooking Disks in bag
Pecan Wood BBQ Smoking Chips for your smoker or grill
Smoking Chips small bag
Smoking Chips large bag

Pecan shells for BBQs
Pecan Shells
"Simply soak the pecan shells in water prior to use. Then put them on top of the coals. Comes packaged in a 5 lb. bag."

Compost Mix
Landscapers’ Compost Mix
A mixture of premium compost (bio-solid compost), pecan shells, and orange sand. Contains 30% topsoil and is commonly used to enrich existing soil but will also add volume to current bed or lawn."

Potting Mix
Soil Mender Potting Mix
"Our Peat-Based Potting Soil isn’t ordinary. Its unique combination of natural ingredients provides readily accessible nutrients to your plants without special additives and fertilizers. It also holds together well when transplanting. Contains topsoil, peat moss, perlite, pecan & peanut shells, wormcastings, humate, and other special ingredients."

"Made from crushed pecan resin."

Pecan Resin Figures
Resin Figures
"We carry the full line of cast Pecan Shell Resin Figures from Phase II and the Craft-Tex wild life line. Some of the items from these manufacturers are special order."

Careyanne Photography
"Wild Sorbet can even match the paint color in your home for a truly custom framed product with several choices of trim, including pieces made from reclaimed wood and crushed pecan and almond shells.

Walnut Dye for basket weaving
Walnut Dye
Black walnut (Juglans nigra), Pecan (Carya illinoensis), or Shagbark hickory (Carya ovata Mill.) nut hulls can be used to make a dye to color your baskets or splint materials. Walnut and hickory dyes to a brown color, pecan a red/orange.

Pecan Flour Filler
"Pecan flour filler makes the epoxy resin lighter, thicker, and more sandable. This pecan flour filler makes the resin resemble wood. It is most commonly used as an epoxy thickening agent in rebuilding rotted wood or building a wooden boat."

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