Dec 29, 2014

Buttons Made From Milk Protein (Casein)

Cut Small Beige Bobble button
Vintage small bobble casein plastic button with cut decoration in a beige colour. Perfect for Vintage blouses. Integral shank".

Casein Plastic Butons
"Polished casein buttons coloured cream in 3 styles: a) round, 4 holes, b) round, 2 holes, c) hemispherical, 4 holes"

Casein Buttons
Byson Buttons makes casein butons

Casein Buttons
"Vintage 1940's Italian Designer Casein Plastic clothing buttons. Beautiful hard-to-find designs".

The Plasic Historical Society
Casein (article) Casein plastics were introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, their starting material being the protein in cows milk, precipitated by the action of the enzyme rennin.

Although casein is readily moulded to shape under moderate heat and pressure, it does not produce a stable material for manufacture until it has become hardened by soaking in formalin (5% solution of formaldehyde in water) for a long period. Unfortunately, this causes much distortion so casein plastics are almost always produced by machining stock material such as sheet, rod, tube or buttton blanks (small discs). After machining, casein may be polished either mechanically with abrasives or chemically with a 'dip polish'.

Casein Buttons We have a stunning collection of vintage buttons all in pristine condition on their original cards.

Our buttons range from glass, cassein, hand painted, novelty and mother of pearl.

Note Plastic can also be made from other milks such as human milk.

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