Jun 30, 2012

Noise Barriers and Insulation Made From Coconuts

Sound Barrier
Koko Noice Barrier
"The Kokowall Noise Barrier is a natural looking noise barrier system that befits any environment. The Kokowall Noise Barrier panels finish consists of durable coconut fibre and is ideally suited for climbing plants. Coconut fibre has outstanding sound absorption properties."

Insulation Cork
"Amorim Isolamentos is dedicated to the production of insulation materials based on natural raw materials such as cork and coconut. It develops and produces termal and acoustic insulation solutions in expanded corkboards, regranulates and boards/rolls of coconut fibre, environmentally friendly, 100% natural materials with excellent technical performance.

Insulation Eco Cork
"Following an ecological philosophy, JOCAVi® has designed this line of acoustic insulation and treatment materials, which are made exclusively from natural raw-materials, like cork and coconut. This line of products provides a practical and efficient solution for acoustic insulation and treatment, with the associated benefit of the thermal component. It is composed of expanded cork agglomerate (as an acoustic and anti-vibration insulation material), coconut fibre (as an acoustic energy absorbent material), and perforated panels made of coloured pressed wood fibre that gives it an attractive finishing."

Insulation Insulation
"In the area of sound insulation Enkev has developed a safe and healthy alternative: The Cocoplate. Cocoplate is made from the coir fibres of the coconut husk. These fibres are first curled and then interconnected by means of a needling process. A layer of rubber latex is then sprayed onto the fibres before they are compressed into dense sheets. The rubber is vulcanised, bonding all the coir fibres with 'rubber strings'. So Cocoplate has excellent shock- and sound-absorbent properties, and the hollow coir fibres also provide heat insulation."

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