Jun 27, 2012

Things People Put in Walnut Shells

Child's Necklace
Child's Necklace in a Walnut Shell
This Child's Necklace in a Walnut Shell is the perfect gift for a dress up child! Your child will crack open a walnut to find a sweet necklace inside. Each nut contains one necklace with a pendant is strung on a 17" clear elastic cord. Walnut Shell comes in a lovely organza bag. This beautiful gift is created in the U.S.A!"

Book in a Walnut Shell
Merchandising in a Down Market (blog article)
"This past holiday season, I created etuis out of walnut shells, filled them with miniature accordian books, and wrapped them in pink tissue and tiny white boxes. I mailed them in early December and the first job rolled in four days later."

Fotunes in Walnut Shells
Good Fortune Walnuts (blog article)
This ornament is inspired by the Victorian tradition of hanging gilded walnuts on a tree, each holding a special fortune in its empty shell. When friends come calling, have them choose a walnut to crack apart, revealing your best wishes for the coming year.

Messages in Walnut Shells
Be Quirky In A Nutshell
"This product will contain nut traces"

Doll in a Walnut Shell
Antique Wax Baby Who Lived in a Walnut Shell
So amazing is this sweet baby laying comfortable in a walnut shell ! The walnut shell can be opened and closed to preserve this little treasure.

Mice in Walnut Shells
Mice in Walnut SHells
"Another of our extremely talented artisans creates these very delicate baby mice in a walnut shell nest for us."

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