Jun 23, 2012

Nut Products Dangers for BBQs

Macadamia Nut Shells Fire Starters
"Our useful and unique fire starters will start a conversation as well as light your fire! This new and unusual novelty gift item is a natural and chemical free way to light your fire pit, campfire, or BBQ pit. Our new firestarters are handmade from
macadamia nutshells after locally grown macadamia nuts from the Big Island are harvested and processed. We then mix them in with eco friendly soy wax!

Pecan Shells for BBQs
The Pailface - Texas Pecan Nutshells
"Generate the most popular barbeque smoke flavor in America, all from the convenience of a renewable source: pecan nutshells!  We spare our nations precious hardwood forests by simply collecting their nut shells."

Pecan Shells for BBQs
http://www.pecanscook.com/other_pecan_products.php (scoll down)
Pecan Products
Pecan Wood Grilling and Cooking Disks
Pecan Wood Cooking Disks in bag
Pecan Wood BBQ Smoking Chips for your smoker or grill
Smoking Chips small bag
Smoking Chips large bag

Pecan shells for BBQs
Pecan Shells 
"Simply soak the pecan shells in water prior to use. Then put them on top of the coals. Comes packaged in a 5 lb. bag."

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