Jun 15, 2012

Rolling Pins Treated with Nut Oils

Flours made from nuts, rolling pins coated with nut oils, adding to cross contamination concerns. Flours made from nuts are often marketed for gluten free customers, and many gluten free people enjoy them, but the nut allergic should be aware of flour made from nuts.

Rolling Pins
Raviolli Roller
Once completed it is finished with a fully edible finish (in this case a walnut oil base with a carnauba and bee's wax polish). To care for the roller, after use wipe it down, clean it with water as needed and apply a light coat of either mineral oil or walnut oil (my preference).

Rolling Pins
Handmade Maple Rolling Pin
"French style solid maple rolling pin hand crafted from local hardwood. Flat barrel has tapered ends for greater comfort and control. General purpose bread and pastry rolling pin. Finished with several coats of walnut oil (walnut oil will not go rancid like olive and other oils and is not distilled from petroleum like mineral oil). Clean after use with damp cloth."

Rolling Pins
Rolling Pin
This rolling pin is made by laminating several species of hardwoods and cutting it on the bias. The handles turn freely. It is finished with several coats of walnut oil.

Rolling Pins
Rolling Pin
The main part of the rolling pin is Osage Orange from Kansas. There are 2 band saw cuts of 4 woods each and there is an angle band of 8 different woods. It is 18.5 " long and 3.5" diameter. The rolling surface is 10 inches. The finish is walnut oil so it is food safe.

Rolling Pins
Timber Treasures
"Our Timber Treasures rolling pins are truly a treasure! Each is a hand-turned, antique reproduction made from the finest domestic hardwoods available. And, each is finished with a food safe, nut meat oil. While these rolling pins are designed to be a fully functional kitchen utensil, they can, of course, be used for purely decorative purposes as well!"

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