Sep 1, 2012

Soap Dishes Made From Coconut

Soap Dish and Soap
"Pottery and coconut soap dishes made in Hawaii. These soap dishes will bring the flavor of Hawaii to your bathrooms. They look especially attractive when filled with either our coconut, glycerin or gourmet soaps."

Soap Dish
Coconut Island Soap Slice in a Coconut Shell Dish
"A luxurious fusion of coconut & vanilla in an attractively round shaped soap tied on with raffia to a beautifully hand carved coconut soap dish."

Soap Dish
Coconut Soap Dish
"Delightfully unique and handcrafted from coconut shell. Lamom coconut soap dishes are a handsome and practical."

Soap Dish
Kupukupu Coconut Sundish
"These Sustainable, Handcarved, and Etched Kupu-Kupu Soap Dishes are crafted by disabled artists from Coconut Shells. In Balinese Life, the Coconut is the Fruit from the tree of life."

Soap Dish
Coconut Shell Soap Dish
"Coconut shell soap dish is made by selecting the right Coconut Shell and carving it manually. Various natural products that we make out of Coconut shell are Ladles, Ornaments, Bathware items, Soup dish, Ice cream cups, Wine glass, Finger bowl, Tissue Holder, Purse and much more."

Soap Dish
Coconut Shell DSoap Dish
"This handmade natural coconut shell soap dish is a lovely and sustainable way of using the coconut shell, usually a discarded material."

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