Jun 18, 2013

Water Filters Made From Coconuts

Water Filter
Coconut Shell GAC Carbon Inline Filter
"TST Water IN-1011 Coconut Shell GAC Carbon Inline Water Filter. Inline Premium Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Water Filter, which utilizes 1/4 inch FPT standard threads. The openings on this filter are 1/4" FPT standard threads and will fit any 1/4" male pipe thread fittings. Removes Sediment, Taste/Odor, Chlorine, & Chloramine."

Water Filter
Coconut Shell GAC + 0.75 - 1 lbs KDF55
Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) cartridges with KDF 55 medium
•KDF 55 Media is for the reduction of chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals to the rated capacity of a specific filter cartridge. This media also controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water due to its Bacteriostatic properties.

Water Filter
PSI-100P-pB with Omnipure Coconut / lead
PSI-100P-pB with Omnipure Coconut / lead (OMB-934-1MPB) & (OMB-834-1MPB) is made from Coconut Shell Carbon, which creates a better tasting water and is also rated for lead reduction for 9,800 litres."

Brita Water Filter
Brita Filter
"What is special about the BRITA Carbon? It's activated carbon which is made by soaking organic material (usually coconut shells) in special solutions and super heating it without oxygen to produce a greater surface with lots of pores ... example: 1oz. of granular activated carbon equals 186,500 square feet of surface ( approximately 4 acres) ... this is why it is the ideal filtering substance best suited to take up the maximum of organic molecules. Activated carbon is used extensively in the food and medical applications. BRITA uses only the best, highest quality, food grade carbon made from coconut shells and gives it a special treatment to inhibit bacteria growth in the cartridge."

Coconut Shells on Steroids: New GE Water Filter Using Carbon from Burnt Coconut Shells Filters Meds from Tap Water
"The engineers ultimately settled on coconut shells. Burning coconut shells produces activated carbon, which can be milled and molded into filters. The coconut carbon is more porous and less dense than the more common coal-based carbon."

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Anonymous said...

Is it okay to have a water purifier/softener system with a coconut shell filter if I am allergy to coconuts? Thank you

Karen said...

Some people have reported reactions to the coconut shells in water filters. You know your sensitivity level and risk level more than I. Allergic To Coconut blog has some stories of reactions worth reading. coconutallergy.blogspot.com/2016/07/i-really-am-allergic-to-water-coconut.html

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