Nov 22, 2017

Shrimp Shells used in Diabetes Products

Glucose Sensing Sponge Delivers Insulin Precisely When and Where Needed (article)
The researchers created a spherical, sponge-like matrix out of chitosan, a material found in shrimp and crab shells. Scattered throughout this matrix are smaller nanocapsules made of a porous polymer that contain glucose oxidase or catalase enzymes. The sponge-like matrix surrounds a reservoir that contains insulin. The entire matrix sphere is approximately 250 micrometers in diameter and can be injected into a patient.

Smart Sponge
Injectable 'smart sponge' controls diabetes, presents new targeted drug delivery method (article)
Take, for example, this new method developed by North Carolina State University researchers that uses injectable sponge to control blood sugar levels. No, it's not the same sponge you use to clean at home -- the material is made out of a substance taken from crab and shrimp shells called chitosan. This spongy material forms a matrix that's approximately 250 micrometers in diameter, where a rise in blood sugar causes a reaction in the pores that leads to the drug's release.

Diabetes Bandage (article)
University of Alabama team turning shrimp shells into high-tech bandages (article)
Gurau has teamed up with University of Alabama chemistry professor Robin Rogers, chemistry graduate student Leah Block and Whitney Hough to transform shrimp shells into an effective bandage for diabetes patients who develop limb-threatening sores.

Many studies suggest that shrimp shells are safe for people who are allergic to shrimp, however many people are still cautious. These products maybe dangerous for shrimp allergic people who are manufacturing the products.

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