Sep 28, 2012

Fire Logs Made From Nut Shells

Fire Logs
Pine Mountain Fire Logs

Fire Logs
Pecan Fire Logs
"Mr Perea is the founder of Perea Farms, a company which offers a firelog made up of recycled pecan by-products and recycled newspapers.

The pecan shell firelogs are 99% recycled material.

The use of pecan shells offers a replenishable by-product source which saves trees."

The Modern Fire Formula (pdf)
Some interesting materials used have included recycled fibres such as nut shells, seeds, fruit pits, distillery grains, and recycled cardboard.

*unclear if Duraflame still uses nutshells

Fire Logs Made From Treenuts
President's Choice Fire Logs

"PC fire logs burns up to four hours made from recycled biomass product such as wood, sawdust, ground tree nut shells and blended wax burns cleaner than wood comes in set of 6"

Fire Logs Made From Tree Nuts
Presidents Choice Fire Logs Made From Nut Shells Fire Logs

Home Fire Prest Logs
Enviroment Advanced
Due to the high amount of sawmill waste in British Columbia, all our logs are produced with wood waste. The bio-extruder can also be used to compact other waste material such as wood byproducts, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells - virtually any bio-mass that contains natural lignin - and transforms it into a useable commodity. This commodity may be formed into either a solid log or briquette for use as home heating or industrial fuel, or as a cooking fuel in countries where burning material is scarce and/or impractical.

Blog Article
Grateful Foodie Tree Nuts in Fireplace Logs

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