Feb 22, 2013

Birdhouses and Feeders Made From Coconut Shells

Coconut Shell Birdhouse
Coconut Shell Bird House or Nest for Finches
"Real coconut husk bird nest. Primarily for finches and other small birds as a nesting house, but also great as a treat dispenser for larger birds"

Coconut Shell Birdhouse
Coconut Shell Birdhouse
"Agung Prihatinanto, working with CD Bethesda in Yogyakarta, creates this ingeniously-designed birdhouse using coconut shells that would otherwise be thrown away. Featuring a thatched roof made from coconut fibre and a coconut wood perch."

Wind Chime Bird House
Windchime Bird House
"Fair Trade Coconut And Bamboo Wind Chimes with Straw Bird House. Hand made."

Bird House
Monkey Coconut House
"Whimsical folk art birdhouses are hand carved from a coconut, with a natural braided cord for hanging."

Bird Feeder
Suet Filled Coconut Shell
"Natural suet filled coconut shells (approximately 11cm / 4.25" in diameter) contains Hi energy suet mixed with seeds. They can be hung from a tree, post or bird table to supply birds with a natural looking hi energy suet treat."

Bird Feeder
Coco Fat Feeder
"The Chapelwood Decorative Half Coconut Shell is packed with lovely stuff that birds go mad for."

Bird Feeder
Coconut Bird Feeder
"Half coconut filled with suet and seeds, perfect for attracting long tailed tits, great tits, blue tits, starlings and many more wild bird species. Comes with twine for hanging."

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