Apr 12, 2013

Quilt Batting Made From Soy

Legacy Soy Blend Batting
"Legacy Soy Blend Batting W/Scrim A Super New 'Green' Product! GO GREEN !! SoyProtein is a new active fiber, a new ‘GREEN’ textile fiber that feels like skin to skin."

Soy Blend Batting
Soy Blend Batting
"FiberCo has firmly marked its place as the leading manufacture of quilt batting and waddings, we are committed to finding the best and cleanest fibers for our products. All of the great products we produce are available at discount wholesale quilt batting prices even batting made from the Eco-Friendly Bamboo and Soy fibers."

Quilt Batting
"Made of soybean protein fibers. This quilt batting has the lustre of silk and the feel of cashmere. The fibers are stronger than wool, cotton, or silk. Naturally antibacterial and made with eco-friendly materials."

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