Dec 15, 2014

Soap Made With Milk

Daisy Cow Soap
"At Daisy Cow we are excited to bring you our fresh range of cows milk based soaps, liquid soaps and our new range of moisturisers and exfoliating scrubs."

Faye Farms Soap
"All our soaps are made from scratch using only the highest quality oils and fragrances. We begin our signature formula by adding wholesome milk from our herd of Ayrshire cows. Milk soaps are loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins that nourish and moisturize the skin."

Apisalchemy (scroll down)
Sentia Facial Soaps This cow’s milk soap is specially formulated to be gentle enough to use on your face. It is accentuated with spa quality skin treatments, and contains no fragrances. Milk soaps are known to be gentle and effective natural skin exfoliators."

Liquid Hand Soap
Milk Protein & Honey (scroll to the right)
Formulated with extracts of milk protein and sweet honey. Rich lather cleans with a scent as comforting as a warm winter blanket or the shoulder of a good friend. Also available in refills.

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