Dec 11, 2014

Bags Made From Corn

Food Packaging
Trellis Earth
"Our products use corn and other plant starches"

Corn Bags
Misoearth Packaging
The paper used is 40% recycled FSC from the Proterra collection. They were printed two up on a tabloid to ensure maximum usage of paper. The tabs at the top were printed all on a single sheet. To hold the pieces together, it was sewn at the top. Die cut of leaf was actually hand cut out of each package. The leaves were used at the MISOEARTH display stand. (Not a single part was wasted!) The vermicast sits in a corn plastic bag. 40 packages were made and sold at Ward Centers.

Coffee Bags
Composter Paper Tin Tie Bags
The liner of the compostable paper tin-tie bags is PLA (corn plastic), which biodegraded in less than a month in our PBi lab compostor.

Food Bags
Food Bags
"The bags are 100% compostable and made from a bioplastic that uses corn starch and other renewable materials."

Compost bags
"BIOSAK bags are manufactured using Mater-Bi® resins, the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components, such as corn starch, that have been modified (or complexed) with biodegradable polyesters.

Grocery Bags
Corn Plastic Shopping Bags Large Case
"The new "corn plastic" grocery bags are just as strong as traditional plastic, but once it's thrown away, it will naturally biodegrade. Made from a renewable source, US grown corn, the bioshopper shopping bags are the natural choice over petroleum-based plastic bags".

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