Feb 28, 2019

De-Icing Products That Contain Corn

Deicing Fluid
Environmentally Sustainable Deicing Fluid
The world’s first de-icing fluid produced from a 100% biological glycol is called DF Sustain and is made by UK-based, market-leader Kilfrost. One key ingredient is DFSustain is Susterra® propanediol, which replaces traditional crude oil in the glycol production process. We reveal how DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products created Susterra® from sustainable corn sugar sources, helping to manufacture a deicing fluid that works in extreme cold temperatures while simultaneously reducing energy usage and carbon emissions in its manufacture and operation.

Liquid Deicer
ProMelt Ultra - Liquid Deicer, Anti-Icing
ProMelt Ultra 1000 inhibited is a high performance de-icing liquid made from a refined corn carbohydrate derivative blended with magnesium chloride. It is a versatile anti-icing, de-icing and pre-wetting agent that delivers unparalleled performance in colder environments.

Safer Roadways
A sustainable solution for safer roadways (article)
In the mid-1990s, a new kind of deicing product appeared in the marketplace. Used in conjunction with a conventional deicer to lower the freezing temperature and prevent ice from forming, this new deicer was renewable: it was made from the corn sugars that are a byproduct of ethanol and alcohol production.

Liquid De-Icers
Liquid De-Icers
This blend of Caliber® de-icer with 30% MgCl2. Caliber® de-icer is derived from corn carbohydrates and is specifically engineered to enhance the eutectic point, anti-icing properties and viscosity of the MgCl2. Caliber® de-icer inhibits corrosion and suppresses crystal formation within the MgCl2.

De-Icing Roads
How It Works: Road salt and de-icing (article)
Sugar beets aren’t the only agricultural product to make their way to the asphalt. Some other options, either experimental or in use by some jurisdictions, include pickle juice, spent mash from beer or alcohol production, sugar cane juice, corn syrup and leftover salty brine from soft cheeses. We may never eliminate road salt entirely, but anything that cuts down on it is a welcome change.

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