Feb 9, 2015

Mattresses Made From Corn

Camper Mattress
Camper Mattress
This mattress is designed with an EVOPORE high-quality foam core with different areas of varying firmness that ensure optimal point-by-point adaptation. It provides excellent support for the upper and lower back for high-quality sleep. Its 100% natural stuffing of virgin lamb’s wool, Lyocell fibers and corn fiber

3E Matress
Combined with natural and environmental performance of bamboo fiber, corn fiber, soybean fiber and hollow fiber, after trials and tests, Joyous Match inosculates all unique features such as high-rebound, no deformation, tear-resistant, odorless, breathable, non-formaldehyde and 100% recyclable use in one, following human engineering principles, applying in the mattress field.

Wille and Co.
The wide range of the "Safe Sleep" includes mattresses in aloe vera, corn fiber, crabyon, carbon, bamboo and silver. The materials are fiber, polyurethane-foamand memory-foam.

Mattress Manchester
We specialize in 100% Natural and Eco Friendly materials, including the latest Eucalyptus Tencel, Bamboo and Corn fibre products

PLA Matress
The mattress is covered with a quilted 100% cotton cover, washable at 60°C. Filling – PLA-fibre (Poly Lactic Acid) that has been processed by corn starch. PLA has had a huge impact on the market lately due to its environmental benefits.

Mattress Cover
Crib Matress Pad
"Give baby plush comfort from natural cotton and corn fibers with the innovative Sealy® Naturals-Cotton Crib Mattress Pad. Quilted cotton top is super absorbent and corn fiber cushioning whisks moisture away from baby to keep him cool and dry. Made in the USA.

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